About Parsandisheh IT

Pars Andishe IT Consulting is an IT consulting company, specializing in state-of-the-art database management services. With a vision for excellence and a focus on meeting the evolving needs of businesses, Pars Andishe IT Consulting aims to become a trusted partner in optimizing data infrastructure and unlocking its true potential.

The main company from Iran has positioned itself as a significant participant in Iran’s business environment. Boasting a wide-ranging array of ventures across different sectors, the company has built a name for itself based on its outstanding work and originality.

After accomplishing numerous prestigious projects in Iran, the company has gained admiration and acknowledgment for its dedication to excellence, productivity, and environmental responsibility. Its history of completing projects punctually and within financial constraints has cemented its status as a reliable collaborator for both government and private sector customers.

Our visions

We emphasize empowering our business to satisfy our clients' requirements.

Strategic Vision

Our vision involves analyzing market trends, identifying opportunities, and creating a roadmap for leveraging technology solutions to achieve business goals.

Innovation Vision:

This vision centers around researching and implementing cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, and cloud computing to enhance operational efficiency, and deliver transformative experiences.

Client-Centric Vision:

This vision emphasizes on building strong relationships with clients, conducting thorough assessments, and delivering personalized recommendations to maximize and empower our businesses


As a customer-centric organization, Pars Andishe IT Consulting will prioritize responsiveness, transparency, and ongoing support. The company's goal is to establish long-term partnerships, offering proactive maintenance, regular performance assessments, and expert guidance to....you.